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Family Photos


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A few weeks ago now we got it together enough to get our first photos as a family of four done! Not going to pretend getting us out the door on time was the easy breeziest thing in the world, but we made it happen and I am SO happy about it. Worth it, a thousand times over. I’ve talked to a few photographers and a few of you, and I know from personal experience that it can be stressful trying to plan outfits for photos, whether they be engagement, maternity, or family sessions. Since you’re investing money in capturing those once in a lifetime moments, it only makes sense that you (and everyone involved!) want to look their best in front of the camera. So along with sharing our family photos today, I thought I’d offer up a few tips that I find helpful for the process of nailing those photo sessions!


Use coordinating colours This one is pretty obvious; you don’t want everyone in the same shade, but the colours of everyone’s outfits definitely need to match. Sticking to a neutral colour palette guarantees that everyone’s outfits look intentional without being too matchy.


Vary textures Since everyone will be dressed in similar colours, a great way to up the visual interest is to incorporate a variety of textures. Cable knit sweaters, delicate tulle, leather shoes, and shearling and sheepskin did the trick here. Texture also gives a nod to the season; I wanted our session to have a cozy feel, and incorporating these different elements was an easy way to accomplish that.


Consider your surroundings Our photographer was great for this. After booking our session she sent me a list of possible locations, and noted which ones were more formal versus casual. Since we manage to capture a good amount of our everyday moments ourselves, I knew I wanted to go all out for family photos and get everybody dressed up. Knowing our location had a formal feel, and that there’d also be some changing leaves around, made it easier to narrow down outfit choices and a colour palette.


Add a personal touch I love incorporating a sentimental touch whenever possible, so family photos are a prime opportunity! I wore the same earrings I walked down the aisle in, and Crew wore a pair of boots that originally belonged to Cohen. These little details remind me how far we’ve come as a family, and made the photos even more special for us.


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Photos by Kristle Leigh Photography

Makeup by Stephanie Kathleen

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