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Nursery Walls


One of the biggest design challenges I find myself facing is what to put on the walls. So often mine just stay empty! I lean towards more minimal decor, so that usually makes sense for us. But it’s fair to say that whatever does go up on the wall is a form of art, whether it’s a subtle patterned wallpaper, or a picture ledge that displays your littles’ favourite stories. That being said, my favourite room to pick out art for is a nursery. I like to keep furniture and textiles in baby’s rooms neutral, classic, and basically things that I would want in my room too. But nursery art! It’s my chance to add whimsy and those special details that make a room memorable. When I was a kid my dad hand painted dozens and dozens of gold stars on my sister & I’s ceiling – I remember loving that room so much, and I want my kids to feel that same magic with their spaces.

I feel like the best combination of decoration but also function (gimme all the storage) is picture ledges used as bookshelves. Children’s book covers are so beautiful, and we all need a place to store their little libraries anyways. Pulling the books from their collection that have a similar colour scheme and look good together is kind of like a fun art curating project. Or am I just totally weird? In Cohen’s room it’s a detail I love arranging and rearranging, and snuggling up under to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Remember how good that book is? The Saturday page where he eats evvvverything, the best.


I often get asked about the “Bonne Nuit” print above Cohen’s crib!  It’s from SS Print Shop, and I love that it adds a sweet touch that is still modern and understated. You can find our specific print here, its a 24×30 for reference and we just paired it with a cheapy RIBBA frame from Ikea.



One nursery decor piece I’ve only halfway pulled the trigger on (the dino skull above) is a faux taxidermy. I’ve seen such a variety of little animal heads popping up on walls lately, like white ceramic elephants and plush colorful lions. If you’re wondering which animal would be the best fit for your little one’s room, you can pop over to Wayfair and take their “Which Faux Animal Heads Fits your Personality?” quiz. We scored wolf, which totally fits these wild and free little boys of mine. I think a friendly plush version would be such a cute addition to one of their rooms!

Speaking of which, as we prepare to move, I’ve been collecting screen shots of wallpapers, art, and little details that make me think of the boys’ spaces in our next house. I’ll also be sharing Crew’s nursery before we go, as soon as I finish up a few details and as soon as we have a sunny day to shoot it because it has been raining for yearsss (three days) over here.

If you’re looking for any of the pieces from this post, I linked mostly everything below! For more details and photos you can visit this original post of Cohen’s nursery.

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Photos by Manifesto Photography.

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