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Stylish Stroller Essentials


I did a lot of research before registering for a stroller when I was pregnant with Cohen. After a ton of debate, I wound up choosing the Uppababy Vista and I’m still so glad I did!  The main things I looked at were quality; I wanted something that was going to be easy to get around with, and that was going to last me through daily errands, traveling (we took two trips with flights before Cohen turned 5 months old), and  daily wear and tear. It was also important that it was a stroller that could grow along with our family. I didn’t want to be stuck buying a new stroller in a few years, and so I wanted something that could convert to a double stroller if we had babies close in age. Being able to get both of the kids in one stroller and get out the door has been the key to keeping my sanity with two under two! I seriously have no idea how I would ever leave the house without it. Aside from that, I knew I wanted something that looked good and gave me options for customizing colours (or lack thereof!); I chose their black version with a carbon frame to keep things classic and clean looking.


I added the stroller organizer to my Vista for some extra space to stash my phone, keys, cards, and a beverage while we’re running errands or out on a walk. I love it for keeping my essentials close at hand; it just helps our whole day run a little bit smoother and keeps me from holding up the Starbucks line digging through my diaper bag in search of cash!


The leather pieces on my stroller are actually covers from Lux and Leather, a company that makes amazing leather goods for outfitting your stroller with. They’re a great way to add an extra dose of style and give it an upgraded look for an affordable price. All of the covers and accessories come in a ton of different colours (I’m also smitten with the metallic gold) for every stroller you can think of. They make me love my Vista that much more! Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to see how you can enter to win a shop credit for some leather stroller accessories of your own!


While I was expecting Crew, one of the first things I bought was this Little Unicorn diaper bag. I love the clean and classic look and the great price tag, but my absolute favourite part is the stroller handles it came with. Once you have a baby you feel like you’re carrying a million things all the time, so attaching my diaper bag to the stroller handlebar is priceless. It’s the little things, right?


When it comes to other must haves in my stroller, I always stash a little blanket (everyone is obsessed with these Little Giraffe ones for a reason; so insanely soft even after a million washes) and a little book and snack to keep Cohen occupied if we’ll be somewhere that I need to keep him in the stroller for a little longer. Prevention is key when it comes to those toddler tantrums!


I really feel like purchasing the right stroller was a huge piece in the baby registry puzzle, so hopefully I’ve been able to provide a little insight as to why we’re so happy with our choice. If you’re local, you can head over to Three Lambs registry and boutique to check the Uppababy Vista out for yourself; they have an amazing curated selection of baby goods!

Want to win some leather stroller accessories of your own? Visit my Instagram here to enter to win a shop credit to Luxe + Leather!

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