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Minimalist Packing

Tomorrow, I’m headed to Washington for a three day trip with my sister, mom, and baby. With all there is to get in order before leaving town for a few days, the last thing I want to do is spend hours packing an overflowing suitcase, only to arrive at my destination and feel I have nothing to wear. Luckily, this doesn’t need to be the case! When discovering a new city, I crave looks that are timeless, effortless, and put together – and a streamlined packing routine is where it starts. Read on for the tips I use to ensure a simple and significant travel wardrobe.

Color Scheme – Bringing items in a limited palette is the first step to ensuring your travel wardrobe plays well together. Choose neutrals; in my case, I’ve decided on black, white and beige.

Interchangeable Pieces – Each item you pack should pair with at minimum of two other items in your suitcase, preferably more. You can’t go wrong reaching for classic pieces, such as a crisp white collared shirt or a black wool turtleneck.

Minimize Leisure Wear – Bring your best pajamas for the hotel room, but as a general rule, your dressier items will get more use since you’ll be out and about day and night.

Day to Night – Items that transition from morning to evening are key when traveling. My personal favorite is a black silky jumpsuit; it takes up minimal space and stays wrinkle free! This can also translate to styling your evening items – such as sequins – in a pared down fashion for day.

Splurge on Accessories – This is where you want to utilize suitcase space! Jewellery, shoes, hats, scarves- these items are essential in keeping things fresh when re-wearing pieces from a limited color palette. As well, accessories are the means of elevating your daytime looks to evening-appropriate wear with minimal time and effort.

What are your best tips for traveling light while staying stylish? Spill your secrets in the comments!


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