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Kitchen Tour & Renovation Tips


Renovating the kitchen is the most rewarding thing we’ve done with our house, but three months and ten thousand decisions later, I was SO ready for it to be finished! Before this makeover, we had a closed in kitchen with red walls, a multicolored back splash featuring pops of teal, and what I can only describe as overall, a very Mexican vibe. While I’m all for tacos and margaritas, it wasn’t exactly the look I was aiming for. So everything was torn out and we started from the ground up, literally. While there were times it felt like we’d never get there, today I’m finally sharing a look at our kitchen! It’s such a serene space, and I’m so in love with it that I actually enjoy cleaning it up each night. Crazy right? I’m also sharing a few renovation tips Jordan & I learned along the way; I’m far from an expert here (so many times I felt like we were in over our heads) but hopefully these little lessons can help any other brave souls that are in the process of renovating!

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Multiple quotes. This one seems obvious, but when you’re in the midst of doing a million other renovation related things (and trying to carry on with the daily grind) it can be tempting to accept the first quote you get, just to speed things along. As exhausting as it can be visiting a fifth place to shop for counters, the money it can save you is well worth it. Prices often vary so much from one retailer to the next; we ended up getting an amazing deal on this Cashmere Carrara Quartz; I love the subtle veining, but even better it’s super durable and maintenance free.

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Trust yourself. When it comes to the design of your kitchen, you already know what you’re naturally drawn to, so stick to your instincts when it comes to colours, styles and finishes you love. If I listened to every person that said “that much white; with a baby and a dog?”,  I’d be sitting in a dark brown kitchen that might hide a lot of mess, but wouldn’t make me very happy. If Cohen happens to splash pasta sauce across our white cupboards or walls, I’m totally fine with an extra minute of cleaning that night, because our kitchen is a space I love being in. So whether you love bright and bold accents or clean and minimal design, incorporate it into your space. That’s the whole point of renovating after all!

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Stay organized. There’s about to be so much more paper in your life. Make things easier on yourself by picking up a few file folders, envelopes, and a binder to keep everything before the paperwork starts piling up. That way you’ll easily be able to organize and locate all of the quotes and receipts you’re bound to accumulate. This is also a good spot to keep samples and photos of the choices you’ve made along the way, so you always have a visual representation of your renovation to refer back to when deciding on lighting, hardware, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.32.20 PM900pxSMP-Dean-House-15

Enjoy the process. It can get totally overwhelming keeping your budget on track, scheduling and rescheduling with different contractors, and deciding on a million tiny details all while trying to keep the bigger finished product in mind. My best advice for that is to do what you can to enjoy the process of renovating. Sit down with coffee and flip through design magazines, or scroll through the dream kitchens you’ve pinned. It’s the quickest way to remind yourself that the end result is totally worth any headaches along the way.

Counters: Cashmere Carrara MSI Quartz | Backsplash: Carrara White Hexagon Home Depot | Island Stools: Tabouret Counter Stools | Dining Table: IKEA | Dining Nook Pillows: Homesense | Appliances: Lowe’s

Photos by Manifesto Photography.

  1. Absolutely love this!I have always dreamed of white counter tops in my kitchen and I’m always talked out of it because of the maintenance. I think this post is going to finally make me just go for it!

    Thank you!

  2. I appreciate your comment about the importance of getting multiple quotes despite the temptation of taking the first option when you’re in the middle of a flurry of renovation activity. It makes sense that you would be grateful for having taken the extra time a little later on when you were able to stop and reflect on the process. Getting too many quotes could be overwhelming or confusing though, so it might be a good idea to pick 3 or 4 contractors you feel good about and get estimates from them.

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