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Kids Capsule Wardrobe Series: One Size Fits All

kids capsule wardrobe

Boys’ harem pants: When We Wear Young | Crew’s T-shirt: When We Wear Young

Today’s post has a pretty genius item for little one’s wardrobes, and that’s the kind of thing I love in any kids’ product. Because life is complicated, and when someone invents something to make it any easier for me I want to hug them about it. No hugging, but a few emails between When We Wear Young and I, and these cutie harem pants were on their way to our house. They’re the best because they adjust to fit sizes 18mos-3 years. So, 2 pairs is like 4 pairs but for the price and laundry duty of 2 pairs, ya feel me? Cohen and Crew switch theirs up depending on who has clean laundry atm. Sometimes no one has clean laundry and it’s just diapers or naked while we wait for these comfy pants to dry. But seriously, I adore them, and the fit is so cute on little baby bods. When We Wear Young also carries a similar version of Grow overalls, which is the jackpot of easy outfits because no shirt, no problem. That kind of convenience is everything with kids! Only wizards could keep up with the amount of laundry little people produce. How do I manage to wear 2 outfits throughout the week and they all have 21 outfit changes? LOL.

kids capsule wardrobe

More about When We Wear Young; it’s a Canadian shop (love that) based in Montreal, and they curate the best of the best when it comes to baby and kids clothing. Everything there could happily live in a capsule wardrobe kind of closet. For the record, I try not to be too strict on the whole capsule wardrobe thing, like exactly 7 shirts and 7 pairs of pants, etc because the whole point is that I want buying clothes for the boys to be as stress free and fun as possible. It’s more of a general guide for me to just buy pieces that make the most sense for little ones. This entire shop is full of clothes that you’ll end up sticking your babe in over and over. No waste! Too many random pairs of pants hanging around makes me uncomfortable because, I don’t know, the Minimalist documentary ruined my life? lol. But really, less clothes is our jam right now. Laundry is the most under control it’s ever been and getting the kids dressed in the mornings is quick, easy and most importantly CUTE.

kids capsule wardrobekids capsule wardrobe

In case you missed it, you can check out part 1 of my Kids Capsule Wardrobe Series here. Sharing is caring so spill, what staples do you find your kids constantly wearing? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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