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How to Decorate with Texture

We’ve just sold our very first home, and it’s given me cause to reflect on all the interior design lessons I’ve learned (many the hard way!) in the three years I’ve spent designing and decorating our space. What I discovered early on was that I love a neutral space that looks clean and calm; however, achieving this look took some practice. When working with a minimal amount of colour, your decor can easily fall flat. This is where texture comes in; it helps to layer a space and keep things visually interesting.

Here are my need-to-knows when it comes to working with texture.

Determine the look – Assess your space and determine what feel you’re going for. Looking to make things cozier? Incorporate plush fabrics (a fur throw works great here) and natural elements, such as wood. Alternatively, if you’d like things to appear more streamlined, bring in pieces that are glossy or shiny, such as metals and glass. Ideally your space will be a balance of both approaches. 

Use Lighting – One of the most important elements in interior decorating is light. Consider which surfaces and textures will reflect light and use them to brighten dark areas of the room. Similarly, place materials that absorb light or can be used to create shadows accordingly.

Think Vertically – Instead of hanging more pictures or decor pieces, consider using a high gloss paint, wallpaper, or natural materials such as stone or wood to create an accent wall. In my living room, I whitewashed our brick fireplace to brighten things up while still maintaining the interesting texture of the brick itself.

Add Accents – Instead of incorporating more colour, try keeping things neutral and adding accents via texture. Layer a wool rug with fluffy sheepskin, or bring in a wicker basket filled with a mix of throw blankets.

Do you have any favourite tricks for incorporating texture into your decor? Share them in the comments section!


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