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Homemade Baby Food Purees


I’ve partnered up with Go Produce Inc. again today to bring you guys a fun way we use the fruits and vegetables we get in our local produce delivery. This month, I’m talking baby food, because we’re making it non stop over here lately. Crew really loves when it’s time to eat. When he sees me start making his food he does that combination of crying and baby yelling at me until he’s got warm pear oatmeal in front of him. Then it’s all smiles and snacking. So, in honour of baby food makin’ (which happens to be my favourite type of cooking because it makes the kitchen steam up and smell so good), I’m sharing 3 combinations we love.


Crew recommends:

  1. Pear + Oats
  2. Green Bean + Sweet Potato
  3. Carrot + Apple

I definitely wouldn’t call any of this a recipe, it’s really just a few simple combinations. On grocery day (or in this case produce delivery day) I just round up all the fruits and veggies that I want to feed Crew over the next three days or so. This week, it was green beans, sweet potatoes, pears, carrots, and apples. I switch up the combinations here and there, but the three above seem to be a hit every time. We wash, peel, and core everything while boiling a pot of water. My husband stepped in to help here because he’s sweet as pie, I am really slow at peeling, and we were waiting to get out of the house with the kids. After chopping, I throw all of the produce in the steamer together. I check the veggies and fruit with a fork to see when they’re tender enough, and once they are I just remove them from heat. From there, I split everything up; green beans with sweet potatoes, carrots with apples, and the pears with some dry ground oats.


I like to puree all the vegetables in our Vitamix, but you can easily mash them together too! From there, I store them in wide mouth canning mason jars or tupperware containers. If you make a giant batch, you can freeze some in silicone ice cube trays too!

That’s it guys. I’d like to start incorporating some new fruits and vegetables for Crew, but I’m not sure which are best to do next, so tell me what you’re doing! We’re ready for some fresh ideas.

If you’re looking to have produce (and other delicious things like apple cinnamon bread) delivered to your door, you can check if Go Produce delivers to your area here.

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