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Good Morning Moments


Any mama will tell you that motherhood is the sweetest, most rewarding job on the planet. There’s nothing like it! But if we’re being honest, it also comes with changes that are at times totally overwhelming. Specifically, saying goodbye to free time. Suddenly lazy weekend mornings and spontaneous nights out can’t happen without a little planning and a little luck. This switch up means I have a special place in my heart for brands and products that make the mamahood journey simpler.


Before Cohen was born, my biggest concern was breast feeding. It’s a huge commitment (babies eat so much and literally all. the. time.) so  I wanted to be sure that Cohen would still take a bottle if I was away during a feeding. I had picked up a variety of bottles while I was still pregnant, not knowing what I really needed. Luckily, one of these was Munchkin’s LATCH Bottle. It’s designed with breastfeeding babies in mind, helping ease the transition from breast to bottle. Basically, this meant that any of my loved ones could feed Cohen while I snuck in a little me time! We’ve been hooked ever since.


Now that my sweet baby is entering toddler years, we still use Munchkin‘s LATCH for his morning and bedtime bottle of goat’s milk. The easy to grip design and BPA free plastic means he’s free to roam around with his AM beverage (usually sharing some with Quentin), and I get to enjoy mine while it’s still hot. Finishing an entire coffee in a quiet kitchen is my idea of morning bliss. Those slow and calm moments are key for getting our day off on the right foot . With another baby on the way, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about tracking down the perfect bottle, and that I’ve found a way to work in a little moment for myself each morning. Cheers, mamas!


Thank you to Munchkin for partnering with me on this post; as always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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