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Favourite Wooden Toys for Babies & Toddlers

Little Cottonwood Co – Doctors Set c/o

There is just something about wooden toys! The detail, the feel of them, the quality. I’d never hate on a toy that my babies love, but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve bought them a plastic toy. Part of it is that plastic toys all over the floor look more chaotic to me than wooden ones, if I’m being honest. And the other part is that I get so freaked out about chemicals, BPA, and whatever the new poisonous material that replaces BPA in BPA free toys must be… probably to a fault, because after typing that out I can see how it might seem a little crazy lol. But babies put everything in their mouths guys. Everything! Wooden toys just seem to  be a better fit in our home, and I love discovering brands and shops that carry them. Today I’m sharing some of our favourites; some obvious spots and some smaller shops that I’m sure you’ll love too!

Little Cottonwood Co – This small shop has hands down the best selection of wooden toys that I’ve come across! They also carry teethers, a huge selection of wooden instruments, and the cutest clothes (so many good rompers!) at prices that are so amazing. Visit their site and thank me later because I know you’ll find at least one thing you love 🙂

Ikea – This is where I bought Cohen’s train set that was the BEST thing to ever happen to him I’m pretty sure. He’s played with it every single day since he got it, and even though he’s super rough with it, it’s still in perfect condition.

Etsy – Etsy and Instagram are my favourite for finding new small shops, which always seem to carry the best baby goods, especially when it comes to clothing and toys. I’ve linked to a few below! s




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