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Dressing Room & Capsule Wardrobe Tour


Designing a walk in closet on a budget was no easy task! The only reason it worked without spending a fortune on storage is that I’ve been seriously dedicating myself to keeping a more minimal wardrobe. I knew having an extra bedroom dedicated to clothes wold be a short-lived situation since we’d soon need the room for another nursery, so I wasn’t interested in investing much money into this space. I managed to organize my clothing with only two standing racks and two shelving units, plus a few drawers for items I wanted out of sight. Again, it totally wouldn’t have been doable with a wardrobe that was bursting at the seams. There’s a lot of buzz around the idea of capsule wardrobes (this article is a great visual and features all Spring pieces), and my approach is similar, but I do put my own spin it. While I aim for a well-loved and curated collection of basics, I like to balance that minimalism with a growing collection of footwear and handbags. Scroll down for a look at the tips that have helped me along, and to shop a few current favourites that fit my wardrobe philosophy.


Wear what works.  It’s no secret that I’m addicted to white in my home and wardrobe, so I keep my closet stocked with white tees (this v-neck option is ultra flattering and under $20). They’re season-less and endlessly versatile. The fact that they pair with anything makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier! I also love feminine details, so I tend to gravitate to lace tops and touches of pink to add texture and visual interest.


Edit endlessly. I’m kind of addicted to sorting through my wardrobe and evaluating what’s working and what needs to go. If an item is worn out or no longer fits properly, I’m quick to have it repaired or tailored. And if it’s just beyond help, it’s time to toss it! It’s the only way to make room for pieces that you truly love and want to wear day in and day out.


Collect accessories. If there’s any place to go a little crazy, it’s shoes and bags! I think that if you build a solid wardrobe built on the best basics, there’s nothing wrong with having shelf after shelf of footwear and handbags to mix things up. Both of these items can last forever if properly cared for, and they’re my favourite way to make a statement in an outfit.


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  1. Bravo and really stylish from Slovenia. We are on the market of walk in closets here in Slovenia and I am always lookig for simple and best ideas about wardrobe interior. Nice post really. Really simple solution that many will probably take -since it couldn’t cost probably too much. Or?


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