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Dream Living Room with Arhaus

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There is no way I can start this post without first saying, HAPPY FALL! I’m pretty sure if there was a national vote, Autumn would come out on top as everyone’s favourite season. The first chilly day of September always gets me inspired to start switching things up in our home. It’s my favourite time to do a little redecorating since we’re all gearing up to spend more time indoors. That’s why today I’m partnering with Arhaus to share my dream living room situation featuring a ton of pretty pieces from their collection. For those who aren’t familiar, Arhaus sells quality home furniture and decor that is unique but most importantly, functional. I think I can get pretty much any piece in the door and with husband approval as long as it serves a serious purpose in our home.

For this post, I started with just that! A comfy sectional with tons of seating space for lazing away Sunday football and chilly Autumn nights. It had to be white (of course!) but since it’s a slipcover couch and washable I’m still set on the functional front We actually recently incorporated a slipcovered white couch in our living room, and if you’re wondering about upkeep, I’ve been throwing the covers in the wash every two weeks or so. In my mind, totally worth a little extra effort because it is b e a u ti f u l. Seriously, there is nothing like white in your home guys! Building off of the feature piece sectional, I added in more workhorse items like this sturdy yet elegant coffee table that can stand up to my house full of boys and a bookshelf that provides some much needed storage. When starting to decorate a room I find its best to check the big pieces off your list, keeping them as neutral as possible, before adding in extra personality with more decorative accents like mirrors. In this case, feminine accents like the patterned rug, horse print, and these gorgeous sconces (which were totally inspired by the Tiffany & Co. store during my recent trip to Vegas) were the finishing touches that pulled the space together and made it feel like me. And in case you couldn’t already tell, I’m a total sucker for lighting! It’s my favourite way to make a statement in a room.

I’m so happy I had a chance to jump in on this project because it’s given me even more inspiration for our current living room makeover. Needless to say, these items are all on my wishlist. You can head on over to the Arhaus website to shop more elegant, purposeful pieces, or visit their Pinterest page if you’re just in the mood for some more interior decor inspiration. I’ve also compiled a shoppable collection of pieces below, to help get your space refreshed, cozy, and ready for Fall!

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