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Date Night & Little Traditions


With a new baby around, I’ve realized that the more low key a date night is, the better. That’s why this antipasto platter (along with a bottle of wine, of course!) has become my go-to for a night in – perfect for any night of the week that you need a little pick me up. The best part is, putting it together is completely foolproof – just pick platter items according to what you and your date like. Here are some general guidelines, plus a look at a little tradition that is perfect to start the next time you open a bottle of wine.


Antipasto Platter

Cheeses – one hard and one soft; I included parmesan and feta

Vegetables – choose from the countless marinated options available at the grocery store; I picked roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, and olives

Breads – slices of french or italian bread, breadsticks, crackers or pita chips

Meats – choose from prosciutto, pancetta, salami, pepperoni, and capicola

Miscellaneous – include nuts, dried or fresh fruits, and dips such as chutney or hummus


Little Traditions

After our wedding, my husband and I started a collection; for each special occasion and big moment in our lives, we save the cork from the wine or champagne we opened in celebration. I add the date and event to the cork and throw them all in a glass vase that sits in our dining room. I love that I’m able to keep a small part of those special moments around everyday – and it’s a good reminder to always celebrate with champagne!


What’s your go-to plan for date night? Pass along your favourite ideas below!

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