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Baby Wearing at the Beach


Baby Sling: Sakura Bloom c/o | Dress: Old Navy | Sandals: Sanuk c/o

With summer coming to a close, I decided to bring Crew to the beach for his first time ever this week! Barefoot with pink skies and snuggling a baby is definitely my happy place. I brought along my Sakura Bloom sling that I just started using to keep Crew close while keeping my hands free. Before we took these photos he was fussing up a storm, but slipping him into his sling instantly soothed him. The way he cuddled up to me so while taking in everything new around him was just the best feeling.

I’ve been so excited about this sling since I got it. I love it mainly because it’s a lot less complicated to get baby into and out of than wraps and carriers I tried out with Cohen. And then there’s the fabric; it’s two layers of dupioni silk, so it’s extra soft, luminious and elegant. Not words you’d typically use to describe a baby sling, which is why I love it so much. Because it’s silk, it’s also naturally breathable, lightweight, and nearly waterproof. The shade I’m wearing is “Fleur”, a soft pink with a colorway that ranges depending on the light you’re in. You can totally see the variety of gorgeous shades it pulls in these photos. I love, love, wearing it.


The first time you babywear can feel totally weird; holding your little one without actually having to hold them takes some getting used to! But having your hands free is such a game changer, especially if you have a baby that demands cuddles all day long. The most important thing when baby wearing is to keep baby close enough to kiss and completely visible. You might have heard of the ABC’s of baby wearing; Airway, Body Positioning and Comfort. Basically, their airway should be open (not blocked by any fabric or your chest), their neck and body properly supported, and the wrap should feel comfortable for you both. If you’re looking for more quick tips, I scanned the #sakurabloomtipsandtricks hashtag before wearing Crew and felt way more confident.



While I’m on the topic of favourite items as of late, these Sanuk sandals have also been another staple this summer. The soles are actually crafted from the same material as yoga mats, which explains why the brand is known for comfort. Perfect for a long walk wearing Crew. I also feel like I can’t post these photos without mentioning that mosquitoes totally ate my legs alive while we shot; they’re currently covered in bites!



Can you believe this guy?! I was looking at these pictures with Jordan and we decided he looks like he should be the face of a cologne ad in this one. Cool it with the heart breaker gaze Crew, you are two months old. SO HANDSOME.




Photos by Lively Creative Co.

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