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A Trip to the Nursery

After being cooped up with colds for a few weeks, we finally broke out of the house for a trip to see some animals and visit the nursery for new plants. I snapped a few photos and thought I’d share, especially because Cohen and Jordan ended up twinning. It was completely unintentional, which made me realize that I kind of buy all of us the same clothes, haha. We let Cohen pick out a succulent for his room, and also bought a fiddle leaf fig tree. I’ve been wanting one forever! I’m reading up on them and really hoping I don’t kill it since I’ve heard they’re tough to maintain. Wish me luck and if you’re a green thumb please send your tips my way!

Actual twins. Cohen has a habit of mimicking the stance of whoever he’s with and it never gets old to me.

Cohen had no fear feeding the goats, and cried when we had to leave them. Luckily there was a giant smelly pig around the corner which obviously made everything okay again.

Give us all the plants. Preferably the hanging ones because Crew’s been eating anything at ground level lately haha.

I got these Vans from Union Jack Boots last month and I’ve been waiting to wear them since they arrived at the same time as all of the snow. I finally got the chance Sunday and they’re so comfy. I linked my exact pair here if you want to take a look, and their entire Vans collection can be seen here.

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend with the ones you love!

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