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5 Home Essentials Worth Splurging On


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 Shopping for home essentials is much like shopping for your wardrobe; knowing which items are worth splurging on (and which aren’t!) is key. Below is a list of the 5 home categories that warrant a little extra spending, complete with item suggestions that I’ve been lusting after as we finish up our renovation.

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1. Bedding

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so pillows, sheets, duvets – all of these items are worth investing in. Quality linens will last for years, and there’s nothing better than slipping into a perfectly finished bed at the end of the day. This set from Au Fit Fine Linens (a Canadian company that sources 100% Egyptian cotton from Europe) is timeless and perfect for elevating your sleep situation.


2. Coffee Maker

If it’s an act of everyday living, than it’s worth splurging on. For the coffee obsessed like me, this means investing in a machine that you can rely on for your daily fix. I received this Krups coffee maker at Christmas a few years ago and not only does it look beautiful sitting on my counter, but more importantly it makes the perfect cup of coffee. Highly recommend!


3. Dinnerware

This falls in line with making your everyday acts beautiful. Eating is an inevitable part of our days, and it’s made that much better when there’s beautiful dishware to use. Investing in a quality set ensures your pieces will stand up to everyday wear and tear; this Kate Spade New York Wickford collection (available at Hudson’s Bay) is my dream set!


4. Rugs

Dropping a bit of cash on a rug is pretty much unavoidable if you’re looking to cover a decently sized area. The sheer size of this item means its worth spending a little more; they can make or break a room instantly. Look for quality materials like wool (pictured here, West Elm’s Kasbah Wool Rug) – it costs a little more, but is stain resistant and holds up well in high traffic areas. If you’re looking to budget this item without compromising on quality , jute and sisal are beautiful and affordable options that never go out of style.


5. Dining Room Table

I love the idea of investing in a classic dining room table that becomes a lifetime piece, moving to each new home and eventually being passed down through generations. It’s a lofty ambition for a dining room table, so it’s best to invest in one that will stand the test of time! I’ve been obsessed with this one from Restoration Hardware for so long; it’s the perfect mix of traditional and modern in the prettiest grey hue.


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