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4 ways to freshen up your space

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had that moment of walking through your front door and feeling uninspired by the interior that awaits you. Like us, our homes are not immune to a case of the winter blahs – maybe it’s the holidays ending, the dropping temperatures,  or the general sense of cabin fever that seems to strike this time of the year. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to turn things around. When I find my home feeling a little lackluster, I gather these four easy items to breathe some life into my space. Read on for my favourite ways to freshen up your home and beat those winter home blues!


1. Fresh Flowers: At this time of year plant life is at a minimum when you gaze out your window, making it extra mportant to include fresh cut flowers or greenery in your home to keep things feeling lively. I’m especially fond of winter tulips, a happy reminder that spring is (almost) around the corner

2. Fruit: Along the same lines as flowers, displaying fresh fruit follows the interior decor guideline that each room should have something living. A bowl of clementines, grapefruits, or apples displayed on an island or dining room table is an easy and delicious way to brighten a room and fight off any winter colds.



3. Coffee Table Books: There is a coffee table book out there for everyone; find one that inspires you and start your collection. Beautiful cookbooks count too! Stack them atop your mantle, on a kitchen shelf, or go traditional and put them on your coffee table. Flip through them frequently and know that they just may be your most functional piece of decor.

4. Candles: Just like at a romantic dinner, candlelight signifies that the evening is special. Make the most of shorter winter days by lighting a few candles in your home as night falls. Even if your plans are just pajamas and Netflix, candles offer ambiance and encourage you to appreciate those cozy cold nights at home.

What are your favourite ways to freshen up when your space is feeling dull? Let me know in the comments below!


    1. Sorry, cut of early lol. most of these things you can find at the grocery store. It doesn’t need to be a major outing which is nice! Thanks Q&co!!

  1. I LOVE the white tulips and recently added them to my dining table after reading your post! I can’t seem to find the right vase though 🙁

    Can I ask where yours is from? I love the way they pool right over the sides like that!

    1. White tulips are one of my favourites! Especially come late winter. I have a few round vases like this one, I’ve found them at Homesense! Hope youre able to track one down 🙂

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